Levado tubular electric shutter motor

Tubular motors are the main factors behind retractable doors. This product creates the least noise when working and sizes
They are very convenient and easy to set up. In European countries, these motors are used for various shelter doors as canopies against the sun
Garages are widely used in homes, restaurants, exhibition walls and many public places.
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Tubular motors are divided into 3 categories: Model S engine is designed automatically and manually and Model M engine is designed automatically and to
It is designed with the clutch and the L model engine is designed as a key, either via remote control or manually.

Remote control 433

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safety tips
Please read the safety tips and installation manual thoroughly before taking any action to install the Side or Toplar motor to prevent damage. Get help from an expert to install a side or toplar motor. Avoid carrying a watch, ring or clothing that is too loose during installation. It is better to use an iron or aluminum ladder to access the motor. Note that the engine should not be used until the installation is complete. Turn off the power before doing anything on the engine. Do not make any changes to the engine or the items in its package. In case of any change, there is a possibility of damage and damage. Avoid traffic while the shutter is opening or closing. Please do not use it before fully installing all engine components. Do not pull on the chain or change the position of the safety lever when the shutter is opened or closed separately. Keep the remote control out of the reach of children. These motors are not capable of continuous operation. Be careful not to test the engine while standing. Testing in the standing position will result in the loss of gearbox gear oil, resulting in noisy operation and eventual gear breakage.

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